Black cat socks!


Mm, I love my new socks!  Getting compliments galore already.  The purrrrfect way to brighten up my day 🙂

(Look for them at sockdreams.com)


Proenza Schouler

I’m not sure what’s up with the “pre-fall release” mumbo jumbo, but I absolutely love this new dress coming from Proenza Schouler some time soon.  It’s the perfect combination of secretary-ness and hotness.  I found it on the Fashion Gone Rogue site, go see the rest of the collection here.


The “Ivory Queen Of Soul”

It’s already been heard by many of you that R&B Legend, Teena Marie, known for her hits “Lovergirl” and “Square Biz” has passed away.

She died in her home in California over Christmas weekend.  She was only 54-years-old.

Says she had a seizure last month but was reportedly doing much better but found sunday morning by her daughter Alia Rose.

It’s so sad… she was just preparing for her show in ATL.

R.I.P Teena Marie!


How Was Your Holiday?

Christmas was good.  It was a little aggravating as holidays usually go when you are used to living on your own.  Going home is always a little frustrating.  But my holiday was good.

We all saw my “fantasy” wishlist.

I won’t list out everything I received, but I will say that it was quite fantastic!  I have quite the nerd setup!!

I can hardly believe it myself.  Lets just say I had a very Apple Christmas!  LOL.

How was your holiday?


All I Want For Christmas…

Ya know.. As a child, I never really had a Christmas Wish list.  I am gonna post my Top 10 Fantasy Christmas Wishlist. LOL  Rachel, I want to see your wish list too.  🙂

I also wanna see the wish lists of those that read our little blog. hehe… Big wishes and small wishes.  Now… If you KNOW you’re getting something, try not to put it on the list.

Ready. Set.  GO!

1. A desk job with benefits!  😀  (with this I could buy all this stuff for myself. 🙂 )

2. A 15-17” Macbook Pro (I would gladly sale my old one so that I can get a new one!)

3. Sprint Evo/Verizon Droid X (b/c they are so super cool and my phone sucks a fat one!)

4. Driving Lessons and a running vehicle (b/c I want to be a driver but hate driving other people’s car)

5. NaturallyCurly.com Gift Card (b/c I’m a total product junkie)

6. Victoria’s Secret Gift Card (b/c I can never have enough boobie support)

7. Anything Diamond Related.  (I’m an Aries, what do you expect?)

8. Boots with the fur! (winter is coming!)

9. $5000.00 visa gift card (so I can pretend I’m on What Not To Wear and get a new wardrobe)

10. $5000.00 visa gift card (so my mom can also pretend she’s on What Not To Wear and get a much needed new wardrobe)

There ya have it!  My Top 10 Fantasy Wish List.


I wan to see everyone elses!  🙂



Halloween & Oni-con

Well I have to let you all know that Halloween weekend was a blast.  My boyfriend Sam and I drove from Missouri to Houston, Texas so that he could DJ at an anime convention which is held there every fall.  That convention was called Oni-con, in case you haven’t figured that out yet… Here are some pictures of Samuel Benjamin cuttin it up for the anime raver kids:

We were fortunate to have 2 wonderful hosts who took us to an awesome Mexican restaurant called Cha-cho’s (I think I’m spelling it right..) which was heavenly.  The portions were generous, the flavors were perfect, and it was super cheap (except for the drinks, which were normal priced).  I have never had a more delicious cheese quesadilla with avocado in my entire life.  And just so you know, I had eaten 3 (count em, 3!) of those avocado quesadillas before we left, and we were only there for 4 days…  Oh and we also got fish tacos which were super tasty as well.  Just try not to drool on your keyboard too much when you look at these pictures  😉

Oh yeah, and I dressed up as Daria for Halloween.  Well, for part of the weekend I was Daria.  Most of the time I was a fox, rockin the Spirit Hood.  You’ll notice that Sam was wearing his bear hood as well.  Grrrrrrr


We are living in the age of the iPod

Being the 80’s kid that I am, I had a hot pink sony walkman, and on it, I listened to the tunes of Michael Jackson, Perfect Gentleman, and Black Girl!  (50 points goes out to those who know the groups Perfect Gentlemen and Black Girl)

8 Tracks are to me, what cassettes are to kids today. Today is all about the iPod!  There is no longer a need for cassettes and cd’s.

Because of that, Sony has officially discontinued the manufacturing of the Sony Walkman. So if you own one, you are the proud owner of an antique.

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