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All I Want For Christmas…

Ya know.. As a child, I never really had a Christmas Wish list.  I am gonna post my Top 10 Fantasy Christmas Wishlist. LOL  Rachel, I want to see your wish list too.  🙂

I also wanna see the wish lists of those that read our little blog. hehe… Big wishes and small wishes.  Now… If you KNOW you’re getting something, try not to put it on the list.

Ready. Set.  GO!

1. A desk job with benefits!  😀  (with this I could buy all this stuff for myself. 🙂 )

2. A 15-17” Macbook Pro (I would gladly sale my old one so that I can get a new one!)

3. Sprint Evo/Verizon Droid X (b/c they are so super cool and my phone sucks a fat one!)

4. Driving Lessons and a running vehicle (b/c I want to be a driver but hate driving other people’s car)

5. Gift Card (b/c I’m a total product junkie)

6. Victoria’s Secret Gift Card (b/c I can never have enough boobie support)

7. Anything Diamond Related.  (I’m an Aries, what do you expect?)

8. Boots with the fur! (winter is coming!)

9. $5000.00 visa gift card (so I can pretend I’m on What Not To Wear and get a new wardrobe)

10. $5000.00 visa gift card (so my mom can also pretend she’s on What Not To Wear and get a much needed new wardrobe)

There ya have it!  My Top 10 Fantasy Wish List.


I wan to see everyone elses!  🙂



open your eyes

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th circuit, which includes California, Orgeon, and 7 other Western states, has recently ruled that police are allowed to place a GPS tracking device on your vehicle without your knowledge (and without a warrant), even if you are parked in your own driveway,  as long as your property is not fenced in.  Here is a link to the article.  This is very unsettling news.  Our rights are in danger of slipping away.  Let’s not hide our heads in the sand, ok?




Sometimes when I’m at work I pretend that the overwhelming amount of computer monitors are part of my spaceship…


3 Million iPad’s sold in 80 days!

I wants one!

… and not a single one belongs to me.

What a shame!

I think I really want one, but I’m not sure if I want one because I WANT one, or if I want one because it’s a gadget and new to the market.

Though, I know for certain I’d rather save up for  a brand spankin’ new iMac making the iPad out of my reach.  I know I am going to NEED a new computer soon. Being that I work with design, a 27″ iMac would be very beneficial.

What would make my hypothetical iMac better, or even my current MacBook pro, would be CS5!

I digress…

With the iPhone launching tomorrow Steve jobs will be adding more money to his fast growing piggy-bank.

And for all you lucky iPad owners… you will be glad to know that there are 11,000 native iPad applications in the iTunes App Store and many more to come.

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