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Halloween & Oni-con

Well I have to let you all know that Halloween weekend was a blast.  My boyfriend Sam and I drove from Missouri to Houston, Texas so that he could DJ at an anime convention which is held there every fall.  That convention was called Oni-con, in case you haven’t figured that out yet… Here are some pictures of Samuel Benjamin cuttin it up for the anime raver kids:

We were fortunate to have 2 wonderful hosts who took us to an awesome Mexican restaurant called Cha-cho’s (I think I’m spelling it right..) which was heavenly.  The portions were generous, the flavors were perfect, and it was super cheap (except for the drinks, which were normal priced).  I have never had a more delicious cheese quesadilla with avocado in my entire life.  And just so you know, I had eaten 3 (count em, 3!) of those avocado quesadillas before we left, and we were only there for 4 days…  Oh and we also got fish tacos which were super tasty as well.  Just try not to drool on your keyboard too much when you look at these pictures  😉

Oh yeah, and I dressed up as Daria for Halloween.  Well, for part of the weekend I was Daria.  Most of the time I was a fox, rockin the Spirit Hood.  You’ll notice that Sam was wearing his bear hood as well.  Grrrrrrr


Go Gaga!

I did not know this, but apparently Lady Gaga is the shit.  Seriously.  I just read an article about how she had a rally in Maine to support the repeal of discriminating “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” legislation. 

I mean, she is still a crazy lady, but now I know she is also a kick-ass person.



So… Fall is on our heels…

Although I don’t find myself shopping for my back to school must haves (seeing as how I’ve graduated), I do feel there are some new things that need to be added to my wardrobe.

So.. Soon as I see my wallet fit to do so, I shall be making some fall time purchases and I don’t mean jeans and sweaters… I’m talking SOCKS!  For socks I travel over to  Lets look at my sock wishlist!

Cotton Tabi OTK (purple)

Silk Ballerina toes

Harlequin Diamond OTK's

Larex Nouveau

I think these items will accompany my fall wardrobe quite nicely!

My Triumph's! I need another pair!

Especially with my TRIUMPH boots that I currently wear daily!  LOL.  I was telling Rachel that I need to get a second/backup pair of these boots… just incase they stop making them.  I don’t know that I could go without them.  🙂

I got them on sale while i was in California…  I had my eye on them for about a year now via the internet, but upon entering the Dr. Marten store they were the first pair I saw and just had to buy them.  See… If they aren’t there in front of me… i could have put off buying them for years, but once I saw them and they were physically in front of me, there was no passing them up.  LOL.

So yes.. new socks… MUST OWN!


Missouri Strip Club updates!

Well, as of saturday ALL Missouri strip clubs have had to conform their ways of business.

Either they follow the rules or they become gogo clubs, meaning the ladies stay fully dressed, and by fully dressed, I mean swimsuits i.e. boy shorts, swimsuit tops or actual costumes for some of them and they strip down to their swimsuits.

There is still a chance for change, but as it stands, many are worried or already making plans to leave the state to continue dancing.

What a shame…

Here’s an article I found on about the issue.

What do you think about it?  I mean, maybe you aren’t one to visit a strip club, but that shouldn’t give people the right to take these people’s jobs away.


open your eyes

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th circuit, which includes California, Orgeon, and 7 other Western states, has recently ruled that police are allowed to place a GPS tracking device on your vehicle without your knowledge (and without a warrant), even if you are parked in your own driveway,  as long as your property is not fenced in.  Here is a link to the article.  This is very unsettling news.  Our rights are in danger of slipping away.  Let’s not hide our heads in the sand, ok?


Cupcake socks


Hellz yeah.

(you can get these fabulous foot coverings at


Karens’s Body Beautiful & Oyin Handmade

Ok.. Here’s another blog for all you coily cuties who have stopped by since I posted my natural hair journey.

Since going natural, I’ve been on a serious hunt for natural products for my hair.

Karen’s Body Beautiful

Owner and Creator

First, I tried Karen’s Body Beautiful, aka KBB.  Produced in New York, I believe.  By experimenting with oils and creams, she created this wonderful line!!!  It’s all natural and she has great deals… Freebie fridays!!  (which reminds me, I’m out of hair milk!)

Hair milk is by far a staple product for me now.  It makes my hair so soft and it helps it stay moisturized without an oily residue.  Which is really important for me because people are always trying to reach out and touch my hair, and when they do so… I really don’t want those oily leftovers.

Her products are a little pricy for me, but my last order lasted me 6 months.  So it’s totally worth it. Other products that I will reorder for my 3c/4a hair:

  • Bodylicious Beauty Bar/Shampoo Bar (Juicy b/c my hair is dry)
  • Karen’s Body Beautiful Bar Soap (body soap)
  • Karen’s Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia (Hair Milk)
  • Karen’s Body Beautiful Heavenly jojoba Oil
  • Luscious Locks Moisturizing Hair Mask (Deep Conditioner)

My Favorite KBB scent is the Vanilla Latte.  I love it so much I haven’t bought any other fragrance.  LOL.

Oyin Handmade

Jamyla Bennu, Grand Mixtress

Oyin Handmade is the next all natural brand I have recently hooked myself on.  lol.  Their products are great too.  Oyin being the Yoruba word for Honey, an ingredient used in many of their products.

It’s a family company, Jamyla, often referred to as the Grand Mixtress is joined by her husband Pierre.  Their products are great in the sense that they are a little cheaper but can be used with versatility.  Some product that can be used in your hair, can also be used on your skin.  Thats the benefit of being a natural product I guess.

They are the cutest couple.  LOL  They do an online podcast as well… where they tell you about new products, and how products work.  But don’t think their boring, they are quite entertaining.  There is also a blog, but you can find that on the site.   I just recently purchased the 4-piece sample pack.  It includes:

  • Greg Juice (moisturizing spray/leave in)
  • Honey Hemp Conditioner (leave in or wash out!!)
  • Shine & Define (Styling cream)
  • Whipped Pudding (can be used in hair or skin)

I am so pleased with it, I am going to go ahead and order the large portions.  Instead of the Greg Juice, I think I will order the Juices and Berries.  Try another scent.  There are 3 juices.  I’m so pleased.

My hair loves both of these products!  My hair loves both of these lines simultaneously.  Because of them, I will be able to cut out the silicones and the mineral oils, and the sulfates!  HOW GREAT!  my hair will love me more for it.


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