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Black cat socks!


Mm, I love my new socks!  Getting compliments galore already.  The purrrrfect way to brighten up my day 🙂

(Look for them at


Proenza Schouler

I’m not sure what’s up with the “pre-fall release” mumbo jumbo, but I absolutely love this new dress coming from Proenza Schouler some time soon.  It’s the perfect combination of secretary-ness and hotness.  I found it on the Fashion Gone Rogue site, go see the rest of the collection here.


All I Want For Christmas…

Ya know.. As a child, I never really had a Christmas Wish list.  I am gonna post my Top 10 Fantasy Christmas Wishlist. LOL  Rachel, I want to see your wish list too.  🙂

I also wanna see the wish lists of those that read our little blog. hehe… Big wishes and small wishes.  Now… If you KNOW you’re getting something, try not to put it on the list.

Ready. Set.  GO!

1. A desk job with benefits!  😀  (with this I could buy all this stuff for myself. 🙂 )

2. A 15-17” Macbook Pro (I would gladly sale my old one so that I can get a new one!)

3. Sprint Evo/Verizon Droid X (b/c they are so super cool and my phone sucks a fat one!)

4. Driving Lessons and a running vehicle (b/c I want to be a driver but hate driving other people’s car)

5. Gift Card (b/c I’m a total product junkie)

6. Victoria’s Secret Gift Card (b/c I can never have enough boobie support)

7. Anything Diamond Related.  (I’m an Aries, what do you expect?)

8. Boots with the fur! (winter is coming!)

9. $5000.00 visa gift card (so I can pretend I’m on What Not To Wear and get a new wardrobe)

10. $5000.00 visa gift card (so my mom can also pretend she’s on What Not To Wear and get a much needed new wardrobe)

There ya have it!  My Top 10 Fantasy Wish List.


I wan to see everyone elses!  🙂



McQueen by Burton

The Spring 2011 Ready to Wear line for fashion house Alexander McQueen is a fantastic tribute to the art of fashion design, in my opinion.  The pieces are stunning in their attention to detail and outright beauty.  The entire line is like a walking/wearable fairy tale.  Burton does an excellent job of continuting the good name of Mr. McQueen, may he rest in peace.

And now, the clothes:

See what I mean?  And just look at those shoes!  Amazing!  Here is a closer look for ya:

All photos (except the last one) were taken from, and you can find the link to the review of the McQueen line  here.  The last photo was found on this blog which is the property of Ms. Spiridakis.  Check it out, she’s pretty awesome.


Willow Smith!



I wish that at 25, I was half as cool as the 9-year-old Willow Smith.

If you aren’t familiar with this little trendsetter, she is the offspring of power couple Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith.

I guess it’s fair that with parents like those, you’ll be a gifted, but I would totally shop in this little girls closet.  LOL.  If I had been bolder during my transition to natural hair, I may have even tried some bold and brave hair cuts.

She has a new song coming out called “Whip My Hair”  It’s hella catchy!  I have been waiting on the music video and It finally premiered!  For some reason I can’t get it to post on the blog so, click the link to WATCH THE VIDEO here!

I can’t wait till her album comes out!  hehe.. this one goes pretty hard!

Tell me what you think!


‘speak without words’

I have just discovered Canadian designer ErinAlexandraKlym (via and ohhhhhhhh man am I impressed!  Her pieces are beautiful and innovative and perfect for the coming fall season.  The Cat’s Cradle Dress is my favorite, I think.  But it is so hard to decide!  Which one is your favorite?

Here is the link to her Etsy page ::link::    Enjoy!


Meadham Kirchoff Spring 2011

Have you seen the clothes coming out of London these days??  Awesome stuff.  This is the Spring 2011 line from design team Meadham Kirchoff, and I want all of it.  Pretty please with whipped cream and cherries on top.  Lots of cherries. 

You can read the review from here.  Apparently, all of those lovely holes were not laser cut, but cut by hand.  This line is absolutely beautiful.  Plus, look at that hair!  Awesome!  Ok, enough of me babbling about it, here are some more pictures  🙂

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