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I received my fox Spirit Hood over the weekend, and immediately wore it to a July 4th BBQ at the park!  It was a bit warm for that kind of thing, but I am willing to sacrifice comfort for important things like wearing fox hoods in public.  Samuel and several other awesome DJs rocked the park (and the skate park right next to our pavilion).   All photos by Casey Furkin, the “hostess with the most-est”.

Flex Boogie!

Jake & Casey Pictures

Scooby Blue & Jake

Of course, Sam had to try on the fox hood as well

Samuel Benjamin on the decks


4th of July

Why do people spend so much money on fireworks?

You should just take the 200+ dollars you spend on the fireworks and just burn it.  It’s really the same thing.

I mean… I can understand the sparklers for the children and maybe the fountains (because they are pretty), but when you are a bunch of adults standing around by making things explode, while drunk in most cases, well…. thats just silly.

How many injuries occur from drunken activities that  ensue on Independence Day?

Maybe it’s just me.  Maybe I’m not patriotic.

How much did you spend on the 4th?

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