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Spring/Summer Couture, Part 2

  As promised, here are more lovely pics from the Spring/Summer Couture runway shows.  These styles are by Josephus Thimister, and it states on that this is actually meant to be a Fall 2010 haute couture collection.

  This is how I will be dressing my army when I take over the world, btw.  And as supreme ruler, I will be the one wearing the silver dress…


Spring/Summer Couture, Part 1

Now that we are into the heart of summer, I would like to post some of my favorite looks from the 2010 Spring/Summer Couture runway shows.  Some people might say I am a little behind in this posting, but I don’t think true fashion has a time limit.  So here ya go, kiddies…

For my first post, I present Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld.  Isn’t it pretty?  These outfits make me think of sparkly cupcakes.  Yum!

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