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Meadham Kirchoff Spring 2011

Have you seen the clothes coming out of London these days??  Awesome stuff.  This is the Spring 2011 line from design team Meadham Kirchoff, and I want all of it.  Pretty please with whipped cream and cherries on top.  Lots of cherries. 

You can read the review from here.  Apparently, all of those lovely holes were not laser cut, but cut by hand.  This line is absolutely beautiful.  Plus, look at that hair!  Awesome!  Ok, enough of me babbling about it, here are some more pictures  🙂


So… Fall is on our heels…

Although I don’t find myself shopping for my back to school must haves (seeing as how I’ve graduated), I do feel there are some new things that need to be added to my wardrobe.

So.. Soon as I see my wallet fit to do so, I shall be making some fall time purchases and I don’t mean jeans and sweaters… I’m talking SOCKS!  For socks I travel over to  Lets look at my sock wishlist!

Cotton Tabi OTK (purple)

Silk Ballerina toes

Harlequin Diamond OTK's

Larex Nouveau

I think these items will accompany my fall wardrobe quite nicely!

My Triumph's! I need another pair!

Especially with my TRIUMPH boots that I currently wear daily!  LOL.  I was telling Rachel that I need to get a second/backup pair of these boots… just incase they stop making them.  I don’t know that I could go without them.  🙂

I got them on sale while i was in California…  I had my eye on them for about a year now via the internet, but upon entering the Dr. Marten store they were the first pair I saw and just had to buy them.  See… If they aren’t there in front of me… i could have put off buying them for years, but once I saw them and they were physically in front of me, there was no passing them up.  LOL.

So yes.. new socks… MUST OWN!





Spring/Summer Couture, Part 1

Now that we are into the heart of summer, I would like to post some of my favorite looks from the 2010 Spring/Summer Couture runway shows.  Some people might say I am a little behind in this posting, but I don’t think true fashion has a time limit.  So here ya go, kiddies…

For my first post, I present Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld.  Isn’t it pretty?  These outfits make me think of sparkly cupcakes.  Yum!

All photos were taken from

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