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I received my fox Spirit Hood over the weekend, and immediately wore it to a July 4th BBQ at the park!  It was a bit warm for that kind of thing, but I am willing to sacrifice comfort for important things like wearing fox hoods in public.  Samuel and several other awesome DJs rocked the park (and the skate park right next to our pavilion).   All photos by Casey Furkin, the “hostess with the most-est”.

Flex Boogie!

Jake & Casey Pictures

Scooby Blue & Jake

Of course, Sam had to try on the fox hood as well

Samuel Benjamin on the decks


Red Fox Spirit Hood!

Hello there!

This is my first blog posting, and I have decided to start it off with an item that I desire to own.  You see, I am slightly obsessed with foxes (amoung other things) and there is a lovely company in L.A. called Spirit Hoods which produces these cute hood accessories. (See pic on the right)  The hoods have cute buttons and a pocket for stuff and little pockets at the ends for your hands to stay toasty warm (I know its summer, but what about when you’re in the dairy dept. at the grocery store??  Its cold in there!) Anyway, I must have the fox hood!  It is imperative to my well-being… did I convince you?  I almost convinced myself.  Seriously though, I REALLY want one.  And I am going to buy one, as soon as I get paid again.  Yes!  It will happen!  Wish me luck!  🙂