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Karens’s Body Beautiful & Oyin Handmade

Ok.. Here’s another blog for all you coily cuties who have stopped by since I posted my natural hair journey.

Since going natural, I’ve been on a serious hunt for natural products for my hair.

Karen’s Body Beautiful

Owner and Creator

First, I tried Karen’s Body Beautiful, aka KBB.  Produced in New York, I believe.  By experimenting with oils and creams, she created this wonderful line!!!  It’s all natural and she has great deals… Freebie fridays!!  (which reminds me, I’m out of hair milk!)

Hair milk is by far a staple product for me now.  It makes my hair so soft and it helps it stay moisturized without an oily residue.  Which is really important for me because people are always trying to reach out and touch my hair, and when they do so… I really don’t want those oily leftovers.

Her products are a little pricy for me, but my last order lasted me 6 months.  So it’s totally worth it. Other products that I will reorder for my 3c/4a hair:

  • Bodylicious Beauty Bar/Shampoo Bar (Juicy b/c my hair is dry)
  • Karen’s Body Beautiful Bar Soap (body soap)
  • Karen’s Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia (Hair Milk)
  • Karen’s Body Beautiful Heavenly jojoba Oil
  • Luscious Locks Moisturizing Hair Mask (Deep Conditioner)

My Favorite KBB scent is the Vanilla Latte.  I love it so much I haven’t bought any other fragrance.  LOL.

Oyin Handmade

Jamyla Bennu, Grand Mixtress

Oyin Handmade is the next all natural brand I have recently hooked myself on.  lol.  Their products are great too.  Oyin being the Yoruba word for Honey, an ingredient used in many of their products.

It’s a family company, Jamyla, often referred to as the Grand Mixtress is joined by her husband Pierre.  Their products are great in the sense that they are a little cheaper but can be used with versatility.  Some product that can be used in your hair, can also be used on your skin.  Thats the benefit of being a natural product I guess.

They are the cutest couple.  LOL  They do an online podcast as well… where they tell you about new products, and how products work.  But don’t think their boring, they are quite entertaining.  There is also a blog, but you can find that on the site.   I just recently purchased the 4-piece sample pack.  It includes:

  • Greg Juice (moisturizing spray/leave in)
  • Honey Hemp Conditioner (leave in or wash out!!)
  • Shine & Define (Styling cream)
  • Whipped Pudding (can be used in hair or skin)

I am so pleased with it, I am going to go ahead and order the large portions.  Instead of the Greg Juice, I think I will order the Juices and Berries.  Try another scent.  There are 3 juices.  I’m so pleased.

My hair loves both of these products!  My hair loves both of these lines simultaneously.  Because of them, I will be able to cut out the silicones and the mineral oils, and the sulfates!  HOW GREAT!  my hair will love me more for it.



So I said I’d talk about my Natural Hair.

I’m a bit late on that, but I’m gonna make it happen now.

I’ve been a natural girl for just over a year now.  It’s funny because, I have this goal, but it seems to be taking forever!!!  lol.  I’m so impatient, but after my last photo shoot, I feel able to see the growth and that makes me happy.  If your a natural girl or transitioning to becoming a natural girl, you already know all the lingo but some may not… Here goes my hair story.  LOL

21 years old. 3 years before the transition. Obviously not healthy hair.

I had my first run in with the Relaxers (aka Creamy Crack) at age 7.  An Uncle put it on my hair one day while my mother was away.  Boy oh boy she was mad.  At the time my hair was natural and down my back.  After the relaxer my hair quickly broke off and simply touched my shoulders.  She didn’t give me another relaxer until I was maybe 14 when I started posing for pics and what not.  Before that I was just wearing braids and getting it pressed.  I only got relaxers every 6 months but it was still enough to break all my hair off.

My last relaxer, the summer of 2008 was SO bad!  I had crazy chemical burn.  Burned my hairline right off.  It’s been two years and it still hasn’t grown in all the way.  I decided that day that I would NEVER relax my hair again. That was the last one.  I cut my hair into a tapered bob and let the transition begin!

Pulled into a drawstring ponytail. As usual.

Transitioning sucked!  If I had the chance to do it over again, I would have just cut it all off and let it grow.  I think I experienced more breakage from transitioning then I would have if I just cut it all off.

With very little life and wearing ponytails all the time….

Always straight ponytails until my curls started to poke through… Then I made the change to textured ponytails. My favorite being the what I called the Blowout!  lol.  Looks like hair that could have easily grown from my own roots.

The BLOWOUT! My favorite Ponytail!

I transitioned for a grueling 10 months and finally on May 11th, 2009 I cut my hair off!

I went from short thin and brittle hair that was being controlled and contained with crazy amounts of hair gel, scrunchies and drawstring ponytails to wearing the hair that I grew.  With my natural curls!  I couldn’t keep my hands out of it!

Check those curls!

Look at that texture!  I couldn’t believe it!  I went to a natural hair salon in Kansas City, Missouri to get the BC done.  Not only did I get my hair chopped off, but my Mother went all natural as well!  🙂

The lady that did the cutting… well, she didn’t do the best work, but I maintained.  I was in great need of another cut but I couldn’t stomach another haircut for awhile.  LOL.  So, I let it grow (unevenly) for 10 months and got it cut a second time.  This time, 3 inches!  That to me felt like a second big chop!

It’s grown much better now!  Especially since I’ve been using better products on my hair.  I think it’s time for a before and after!

I try to do a photo shoot in honor of my hair.   Helps me document the changes it goes through.  I can’t remember every time I take a cell phone pic, but photo shoots… I remember them all.  SO… To let you see the side by sides of the changes of my hair.. I will post two pictures.  One from August of 2009, and one from the last month.  Ready… Set…. GO!

Aug 2009. 4 months natural

July 2010. 1 year natural!!!

CHECK THAT BEFORE AND AFTER!  LOL.  I hit a few snags here in there.  Got 3 inches cut from my curls a few months ago in March.  But it’s coming along quite nicely if I do say so myself.  I’m a little bias though I guess.  LOL.  It’s long enough to pull into a ponytail (when it’s straight).  I can’t wait till I can pull it all back while it’s curly. 🙂  Until then… I’m still rocking the headbands and puffs. 😛

And there you have it… The hair story of Samantha!  🙂

Sorry it was soooooo long!


Teyana Taylor-Natural Hair Inspiration!

Check that big hair!

So, unknown to many, I have natural hair!

I’ve been natural for just over a year!  YAY!!!!!

My hair is growing.  I suffered a set back and had to get what felt like a second “big chop.”

When I did my fist BC, back in May of 2009, I went to a natural salon in Kansas City, MO because I wanted it to be done right!
I didn’t want to chance starting my life into “naturalism”  on the wrong foot.  But, little did I know, the lady who cut my hair was both in a rush, and apparently new to the fact that black women have multiple textures in their hair because some sections were WAY shorter then others.  Hard to tell right off because curls are looser in some places.

I realized this later that day but was too afraid to go get it cut again because.. well, I just wasn’t ready.  lol.

When I finally got my hair cut in March, (two months before my 1 year) I had to say goodbye to maybe 3 inches to even it all out.  Where before my hair was long enough to pull back into a ponytail, after the second chop, there was no chance.

I am proud to report that now… upon the beginning of July, my hair is long enough to slide back into a ponytail.  (And thats without gel to slick it back.)

Anyway… I just wanted to post a picture of a hair inspiration.  Teyana Taylor.  I LOVE her big hair!  Her hair may be a bit longer then I’m aiming for but AWESOME nonetheless.  Here’s a shot of her epic coif!

That is all!

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