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Even Better than a Rape Whistle!

You wanted an Anti-Rape condom?   Well you got it!   Ask and you shall receive!  LOL.

But seriously…

South African doctor invents an ‘anti-rape’ condom.

A lady doctor in South Africa invented a contraption that will help reduce the number of rapes and ensure that the rapist is caught!

South Africa has one of the highest rape counts in the world!

One of the major benefits of the Rape-aXe system is the fact that it helps in the prevention of the rape victim contracting an STD like HIV. An additional benefit of the anti rape condom is the fact that it helps in the prevention of unwanted pregnancies resulting from rape.

Dr. Sonnett Ehlers dedicated the last 40 years and $135,000 to creating the Rape-aXe.  It’s a female condom equipped with teeth.

Creator Sonnet Ehlers showing the teeth on the inside of the Rape-aXe

Yea, you read it right… TEETH!

To make it all happen, she sold her house and car to front the money for the Rape-aXe’s creation.

Now… Are you wondering how the rapists will get caught?

Well, the only way to remove the Rape-aXe is to go to a doctor which also doubles as a confession.

I’m not 100% sure where those can be purchased but I heard on The Philip DeFranco Show that you can get one for $2.00.


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